The family behind the foundation


We are making an impact for change through active involvement with youth to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention.

Our mission is to raise awareness and prevent suicide through active involvement in the lives of youth. We promote active involvement in the lives of kids and teens. Don’t be passive– don’t be a mannequin– reach out to our youth. They are our future and promise. We are both their caretakers and their teachers.

We promote suicide and depression awareness through education and supporting opportunities for active involvement. We sponsor educational curriculum for suicide prevention, promote and volunteer for events, and support activities which have a mission in kind with our own. Amy Carter, the President, is certified in the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training program and is an Advocate for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

If we can help make the life of one teen better and possibly save a life, our loss is lessened. Making a difference in the lives of others can give our grief purpose. We are giving hope wings to fly. Every penny earned will go directly towards the core mission of the foundation. We are a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Public Charity and a Registered Non-Profit Organization with the State of Washington. All donations and gifts to The Logan Foundation are tax-deductible under Section 170 of the tax code.

Pretty much any parent would say their child is exceptional. Logan was no different in that respect. He was a bright light in our lives and brought happiness to everyone who knew him. As too many kids do, he had two families; one in California and one in Washington.

Making sure Logan knew he was loved & accepted was a priority. His mother made monthly trips from Washington to California to spend time with him. He loved trips to see the rest of his family in Washington and wanted to be with them more. His mother and stepfather sacrificed every day to make sure their relationship with him was maintained and he knew they treasured him.

Logan was interested in many of the things teenage boys are: video games, sports, friends, and girls. However, his interests expanded beyond typical ones. He loved adventure. He and his mother frequently spent their time together visiting museums, attending historical reenactments, rockhounding, and hiking. She had put together a guidebook of sorts with different activities to do and they made sure to always try something new every trip.

Logan excelled academically in school but often found it not very challenging. He especially enjoyed his AP History class and learning about European history. He was a talented athlete in both baseball and football. At 9 years old, he committed himself to a dream of attending the Air Force Academy after high school and becoming a fighter pilot.

Logan was well-known for his sense of humor. He was quick-witted and creative. He was known for his wry comments and ability to find the humor in most situations. He was kind to those he cared about and showed great compassion for them. He enjoyed working out and being physically fit, approaching his athletic pursuits with dedication. He was well on the path to achieving his dreams and was a focused, dedicated young man with bright promise for his future.

Logan taught his family what love truly is. He touched so many lives and now we hope to touch even more lives in his honor. He resides only in our hearts and our memories now, but it doesn’t mean our love ends there.


On December 19, 2013, tragedy struck our family. Logan, the gem in our lives, took his own life. It left a wake of loss and questions forever unanswered. He had just turned 16 years old and was halfway through his sophomore year at Moorpark High School. He was enrolled in AP classes at school, had just finished a successful JV football season, and was currently playing JV baseball for his school. He was going to be getting the money for Christmas to take driver’s education and get that all-important license to drive.

Our world fell apart with the realization that in his time of greatest need he felt there was no one there to help him. The regret that we didn’t know he needed help so desperately will always be with us. As much as we tried to give him the support and unconditional love that all children need, he had expressed many times he didn’t feel he had an adult where he lived his day-to-day life that he could trust with his true feelings. There were many heart-to-heart conversations where we tried to give him tools and the confidence to take charge when he often felt powerless.

Out of this crushing grief arose a conviction that we needed to take action. Our mission isn’t strictly suicide prevention; its being involved every day in the lives of kids and teens to stop the cycle long before it gets to the point where suicide becomes considered an option. Talking about suicide has a powerful message and provides opportunities to talk about problems and finding solutions or alternatives. There is always a better way. Out of our own personal tragedy has arisen a heartfelt desire to help others in a meaningful way.

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